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Today’s guest for On The Other Side #7 is Katie Hindman. In 2012, her nearly 10 year marriage came to a heartbreaking end. After several years of single-parenting and self-reflection in a new way, she entered the dating scene again. This is Katie’s story of dating on the other side of divorce.

We are always so thankful when guests are willing to share their vulnerable stories with us, and we really appreciate Katie’s transparency in navigating a new season that she never expected to be in. In this episode, Katie talks about what it was like to date and meet people in a community where very few people are single, and handling sexual boundaries in dating after already being married. She also talks about how she prepared for remarriage, and the ways that she re-evaluated herself, as well as her past. It’s safe to say that no matter what your religious beliefs are, no one enters a marriage believing that it will end in divorce. And as Katie shared, there is certainly a period of healing that needs to happen in order to rebuild, whether that’s for the purpose of remarriage or not. We love when Katie says, “You have to participate in your own healing.” It is so important to be involved in our own healing process, whether that’s for a specific future goal, or to experience God’s restoration in a powerful way. If you are walking through a similar season, we hope this encourages you in knowing you are far from alone.

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